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Create Your Customer Rewards

It’s time to build unique rewards that fit your business and boost customer loyalty. Write the name of the reward you’d like to offer and the point level it is redeemable at.

How To Structure Your Belly Rewards Suite

Customers redeem the 10th visit reward most often. On the Belly network, this is typically the 50 point reward (assuming 5 points for each visit).

Key takeaway: After the 10th visit, your customer has proved loyal to your business, so reward them appropriately! Whether it’s a free cup of coffee, a free deli sandwich, a complimentary blow out or 25% off their order, make sure this reward is substantial so that your customers will continue to work for it again and again.


Tips For Naming Your Rewards

This is content describing the main benefits of your product or service. What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.


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Build Your Rewards

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