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Customer Analytics: 5 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Their Customers

I know what you’re thinking, “I already know my customers. They come in all the time and they love my business.” And I’m sure that’s true. Many of your regulars choose you over and over because they’re comfortable with your services and love your products. But what about those customers who haven’t quite made it to that “regular” status or are trying you for the first time? How do you turn them into regulars? Those answers depend on what you know about them. When was the last time they were in? What do they really think about your business? Luckily Belly’s customer analytics can help you answer these questions and more! Read on to find out how to turn your Monthly Marys into Weekly Wandas.

What your customers like:

The rewards you offer your customers can really be the driving factor that keep them coming back to you. Find out what your customers like, what they would come back to redeem, and they’ll be highly engaged in your loyalty platform. Our research shows that customers are twice as likely to return once they’ve redeemed a reward, so make ‘em good

When your customers come into your store & more importantly when they don’t: 

It’s important to know when each customer visits, so you can keep them engaged with your business. The problem is you have so many customers coming through your doors daily that it’s near impossible to track each one’s last visit. Enter Belly. Set up double or triple point check-ins during your slow times, send out one-off Bring Back and Event Campaigns, or, for a more hands-off approach, try our new Auto-Engage feature! By checking the customer analytics that come standard with Belly, you can keep track of when your customers visit, and send them special offers when they haven’t been in for a while!

Are your customers new or returning?

Did you know that first time customers come back for a second visit only 27% of the time, while 2nd time visitors return at a 70-80% rate? Belly’s Web Command Center shows your New vs Returning customer ratio. If you’re seeing more new customers, then it’s a great time to send out a Bring Back Campaign or set up an Auto-Engage First Visit Offer to automatically turn those first-timers into loyal customers.

What form of communication your customers are most receptive to:

There’s plenty of stuff going on at your business, from new menu items, special events, and even awesome customers doing awesome things. These are all things your customers should know about. How do your customers want to find out about them though? You can send Announcement Campaigns for those that love to learn by what comes to their inbox. For the socially inclined, spruce up your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, shoot out a Social Campaign, and get your customers to follow you on the daily! The customer analytics that are important here are keeping track of your open, click and visit rates — all of which you can see with Belly!

What your customers really think about you:

It always feels good to hear from a happy customer about their recent visit to your shop. Sometimes, though, it’s not always a positive experience and the truth just plain hurts, but it’s how you react to that truth that matters. Oftentimes there’s a love-hate relationship between a business and Yelp, but there doesn’t have to be! If you manage your online reputation correctly you can turn every bit of feedback into a way to better your business. So encourage your Members to give you Yelp reviews, Tweets or even pieces of paper with their feedback! After all, the customer is always right… right?

At the end of the day, what kind of business would you be without customers? It’s more important than ever to know who those customers are and what makes them tick, regardless of whether they’re regulars or not. So, find out what they like, when they come in and if they’ve been there before, where they hear their news, and, of course, what they really think about you. Okay, now don’t just sit there, let Belly help you get to know your customers with robust customer analytics.

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