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BLUE by Belly Partners With Drop Tank to Bring Customer Engagement to Fuel & C-Store Space

The partnership will disrupt current solutions by bringing a future-proof, fully-integrated consumer engagement solution to the market.

BLUE by Belly, a customer engagement platform for enterprise retailers, has partnered with Drop Tank, a fuel discounts rewards company and industry-leading integrator, to bring combined customer engagement technology solutions to the fuel and convenience store space.

Allowing for a fully-integrated customer engagement solution, Drop Tank makes data readily available from all the leading fuel point-of-sale systems. BLUE’s platform solution serves as the engagement and personalization engine, making that data actionable and driving marketing strategies to increase fuel demand and convenience store sales. The union of these technology solutions allows brands and retailers to not only deliver timely, personalized experiences to their customers, but also allows them to adapt to evolving technology and consumer demands quickly.

“We don’t believe in custom solutions that inhibit the ability of our customers to evolve their marketing strategy,” said Dan Gloede, CEO of Belly. “Custom solutions have trouble adapting to new consumer behavior, preferred engagement methods and changing business needs over time. We believe the path forward is being the best partner platform for marketing and IT as their initiatives evolve, and BLUE was purpose-built for this reason. David and his Drop Tank team have deep point-of-sale expertise and we believe our partnered solutions will disrupt consumer engagement solutions currently available to fuel, convenience store chains and CPGs.”

The partnership stems from the notion that current solutions are not built for integration, which slows retailers down and makes it harder for them to implement successful marketing strategies that personalize the customer experience.

“We’re excited to combine our fuel discounting technology and point-of-sale expertise with Belly’s BLUE platform, a highly flexible loyalty engine built to grow with customers,” said David VanWiggeren, CEO of Drop Tank. “Together, we are able to create unique, data-driven solutions for convenience stores and their suppliers.”

For more information, visit BLUE by Belly & Drop Tank.