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Belly Launches ‘BLUE’; A New Loyalty Platform For Enterprise Retailers

Leader in SMB loyalty builds upon core technology with breakthrough platform for the world’s largest retailers

Belly, the leading loyalty technology company known for its out-of-the-box solution for small businesses, today announced the addition of BLUE, a configurable, omni-channel loyalty platform for enterprise retailers.

BLUE allows marketers to have an unprecedented understanding of their customers and enables retailers to create unified experiences in-store, on mobile, and online in real- time. With its configurable setup, underlying infrastructure and easy integrations manager, BLUE gets retailers to market faster and is more flexible than legacy solutions. Through continual investment in the platform, brands can trust BLUE to have access to the latest technologies.

“Loyalty is central to retailers’ mobile and digital strategies, yet the tools available for customer engagement are antiquated – built for yesterday and unable to react to tomorrow,” said Logan LaHive, Founder and CEO at Belly. “BLUE solves this by focusing purely on best-in-class loyalty technology. This unbundling is the future of retail technology and BLUE is the first and best product to address this rapidly growing market.”

BLUE’s platform-first approach equips brands with adaptability and speed to ensure their loyalty program is always one-step ahead of changing consumer and business demands. This, combined with an extensible set of APIs and a service-oriented architecture, allows BLUE to be tailored for every client through integrations and customized extensions built on top of the platform.

“7-Eleven has continued to invest in Belly because we’ve witnessed the team make tremendous advancements in loyalty technology for the world’s largest retailers,“ said Chris Harkness, Vice President at 7-Ventures, 7-Eleven’s investment arm. ”By concentrating on its core platform with the launch of BLUE, retailers now have access to technology that enables them to provide better, more cohesive customer experiences at scale.”

The ability to turn customer data into action is BLUE’s true market differentiator. Through its “Profile Manager”, marketers can collect their loyalty data in one place, making it accessible and actionable for stakeholders across the organization. With the “Rules Engine”, retailers can use their loyalty data to apply transactional and triggered rules that influence behavior at the customer, store or market level.

BLUE’s “Integrations Manager” connects with tools retailers are already using (like BI, CRM or email marketing), creating a data-driven feedback loop to strengthen their loyalty initiatives. And thanks to cloud infrastructure, BLUE scales on-demand and in real-time.

An example of BLUE’s versatility is through its partnership with Compass Group (CPG), the largest foodservice company in the world. Among their 45,000 U.S. locations, foodservice units across the company’s corporate and education verticals use BLUE to power loyalty and digital marketing programs that impact customer engagement.

The launch of BLUE is a product-extension that continues Belly’s growth story. Selected by Apple as the exclusive loyalty solution in a program to drive mobile business transformation, the launch of BLUE ensures that the world’s largest retailers now have access to cutting-edge customer engagement tools.

For more information including video, images and demos, visit: /blue.