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  • “Belly really helped foster what The Jalopy is all about: a community environment that’s fun and exciting.”

    Nicholas P. – Owner Belly Merchant since February 2012
  • “The biggest benefit to the Belly platform is the ease of mind of knowing we’re doing everything we can to make sure our customers know we care. We’re not just serving food, we’re serving an experience.”

    Brent S. – Director of Operations Belly Merchant since 2014
  • “Belly has improved my business by getting more consistent repeat customers and created more brand loyalty.”

    Candance C. – Owner Belly Merchant since August 2011
  • “In this electronic–based society we live in, sometimes we lose the customer and they just become a number; but in the rewards we offer, we are creating that personal connection to them and allowing them to become part of the cafe.”

    Nicole S. – Marketing Admin Belly Merchant since June 2012
  • “Belly has improved our business by making us more interactive with our customers. By signing up, we are able to reach a greater, more diverse customer base and can drive them into our shop. Belly has proven to be a great investment and our numbers show it!”

    Wolfie N. – Owner Belly Merchant since September 2011
  • “Besides the ease of use, the favorite part of my Belly Rewards Program is seeing the excitement on our customer’s faces when they learn they get a free gift for frequently shopping at our store. Who doesn’t like something for free?”

    Annette D. – Owner Belly Merchant since February 2013
  • “The best rewards are experiential. It’s a fun way to interact with customers, and it helps build new clientele.”

    Devlin K. – Owner Belly Merchant since March 2012
  • “The new Bring ’Em Back email campaign feature drove a lot of traffic into my business. After one week, I saw 26 redemptions and over 100 visits.”

    Don B. – Owner Belly Merchant since June 2013
  • “A program like Belly enables a small business … to really develop something rather quickly that takes advantage of current technology.”

    Ken M. – Owner Belly Merchant since June 2012

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