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Auto-Engage: Marketing Automation For Small Business

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Bring Your Customers Back, Automatically

  • Bring back up to 10% of lapsed customers

    On average, Merchants who run Auto-Engage campaigns see a 28% open rate while re-engaging up to 10% of lapsed customers.

  • Turn new customers into loyal customers

    Auto-Engage incentivizes first time visitors to return, ensuring that they’ll become a loyal customer to your business.

  • Results you can track and understand

    Measure how many customers received your offer, opened your email and visited your business to redeem.

How Auto-Engage Works

  • 1

    Select an Offer Type

    Choose First Visit (sent 1 day after their first Belly check-in), At Risk (sent after 30 days of no visits) or Lapsed (sent after 60, 90 and 120 days of no visits).

  • 2

    Add Your Offer

    Give ’em something they’ll love. Send customers a free item like “Iced Coffee On The House” or a discount like “20% Off Your Next Purchase!”

  • 3

    Auto-Engage Kicks In!

    Auto-Engage will automatically send your offer via email to customers who fit the criteria you’ve set.

  • 4

    Customers Redeem

    When customers check in with Belly, their offer will appear on the iPad. A member of your staff should help your customers redeem their offer.

  • 5

    Measure Success

    From your Web Command Center, track how many customers received your offer then visited your business!

A&T Barbershop Loves Belly

“Signing up customers with Belly is very easy. Our email list has grown because nobody ever wanted to give us their email address before Belly and being able to send them an email to get in touch with them is great. I like seeing how often my customers are coming in. Belly has made it easier for us to connect with our customers.”

Aaron Lassieter, Owner – A&T Barbershop, Wappingers Falls, NY

Affordable Pricing For Every Business

  • Lite

    $129 /mo
    • Loyalty Program
    • Customer List Builder
    • 12 Email Campaigns
    • Belly Mobile App
    • Facebook Like Integration
  • Elite

    $179 /mo
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • Online Listing Manager
    • Unlimited Email Campaigns
    • Targeted Customer Acquisition
    • Configurable Loyalty Tools
    • Plus everything in Belly Lite!
  • Enterprise

    Contact Us
    • Branded Loyalty Program
    • POS & Systems Integration
    • Configurable Program Design
    • Collect & Activate First Party Data
    • Platform Supports Innovation

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