Andy’s Garage

Restaurants – Burgers
  •   920 E Lake St # 151 Minneapolis, MN 55407



Belly Rewards for this Location

  • 5 Time To Shine With Your Best Pic On The Wall  
  • 10 Drink From The Fountain Of Goodness With A Fountain Soda On The House  
  • 15 Spuds For Your Taste Buds- Enjoy Fries On The House  
  • 25 Start Your Morning Out Right With 1 Breakfast Taco  
  • 30 Get Wild With A Bowl Of Wild Rice  
  • 30 Mmmm Mmmm Good! Enjoy A Bowl Of Turkey Chili  
  • 30 Hey Bud, Have A Spud! Try Our Baked Potato On The House  
  • 30 Our Milk Shake Brings Everyone To The Garage- Enjoy A Small Shake On The House  
  • 45 Delicious And Nutritious- Enjoy A Salad Wraps Or Deli Sandwichs  
  • 45 Fill Your Belly With A Regular Burger On The House  
  • 50 Get A Tasty Premium Burger On The House  

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