H2O Hand Car Wash

Local Service
  •   505 West Slaughter Lane Austin, TX 78744
  •   h20handcarwash.com



Belly Rewards for this Location

  • 20 Save Some Money, $5 Off Coupon  
  • 50 Scrub-A-Dub, Your Car’s In The Tub, Free Basic Wash  
  • 75 It’s All In The Details, $30 Off Any Detail  
  • 150 The Wash With All The Bells And Whistles, 1/2 Off The Platinum Package  
  • 250 We’re Pulling Out All The Stops For You, Enjoy A Free Platinum Package  
  • 2500 H2O VIP Red Carpet Royal Treatment (Ice Cold Beverage, Lunch For 2, 1 Platinum Package Wash, One Year VIP Unlimited Wash Membership, 12 Basic Wash Cards, & Framed Picture on Wall!)  

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