Mystic Java Cafe

Food & Beverage – Coffee & Tea



Belly Rewards for this Location

  • 35 Get Your Drank On, Medium Drip Coffee  
  • 35 Shots… Of Espresso, Add A Shot To Your Drink  
  • 40 Treat Yourself To A Refreshing Organic Iced Tea  
  • 45 Free Iced Coffee  
  • 50 Enjoy A Delicious Latte Or Chai Latte – Your Choice In Size  
  • 70 The Most Important Meal, Free Breakfast Burrito, Toasty Egg, Or A Breakfast Taco  
  • 80 Delicious And Nutritious, Medium Smoothie  
  • 85 Share The Love, Medium Drip Coffee For You And A Friend  
  • 100 Get In My Belly, Free Sandwich  

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