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Making Businesses Personal

Belly recognized that businesses and brands needed to forge convenient and personal digital relationships with their customers. By understanding who their customers were, their behaviors and needs, businesses could grow those relationships over time. The market lacked an end-to-end digital loyalty solution that was easy to use for customers and merchants alike.

Starting with our first loyalty program in a comic book store in Chicago and growing to thousands of locations across the country; we created lasting digital connections between these businesses and millions of members. We also launched BLUE by Belly in 2016; the Modern Loyalty Platform™ built to align your brand’s loyalty marketing goals with local results.

Our Mission

We believe that technology is at the center of the relationship between a consumer and their favorite brand. Our technology empowers brands and retailers to create and enhance digital connections that strengthen customer loyalty.

Our platform-first approach powers loyalty programs for a wide range of customers across a variety of verticals. From the individual business owner to the world’s largest brands and retailers, Belly continues to innovate and stay on the leading edge of technology.

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