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YOLO Yogurt Love
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YOLO Yogurt Love


So we’ve been telling you how great Belly Bites are at bringing new customers into your business. But how ‘bout some hard data to back us up? Our friends at YOLO Yogurt Love in Sun Prairie, WI recently ran a Bite – a Free Frozen Yogurt – and they were pretty pleased with the results.

By targeting Belly Members in the neighborhood who had never been to their business, this Bite was a seamless way for YOLO to introduce their tasty froyo to customers in the area. Over the course of about a month, the offer sent 21 new customers into their shop, 4 of whom have already returned since the Bite ended!

“The pizza place across the street has the exact demographics of people I want in my store,” said Tony at YOLO. "{The Belly Bite} was awesome. {It was} a great way to contact customers who were not my customers. Even for those who didn't reserve it, {our Bite} made an impression their mind. I can’t think of a better way to target those customers.“

New customers are right around the corner. Drive them into your store with Belly Bites!