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When YoFresh Yogurt Cafe’s owner, Karen, finished up her professional career, she knew she wanted to continue to work but this time on something that was entirely her own. After noticing there were no frozen yogurt shops for miles, she made the decision to open YoFresh Yogurt Cafe in a Pennsylvania neighborhood now delighted to have a FroYo option nearby. 

But when two additional FroYo shops popped up in the neighborhood, Karen needed to set herself apart. She needed a solution that allowed her to digitally engage with her customers, and easily provide them with great rewards. That solution was Belly.

“Belly allows us to engage in a conversation and demonstrate to our customers we want to reward their faithfulness to our business.”

Karen ditched her former loyalty program of punch cards, which didn’t allow her to contact customers about upcoming offers & deals, other than through her social media page. With Belly, Karen has grown her email database by 75% and can now communicate with her customers via Belly’s Campaigns tool.  Through her Web Command Center, Karen can access customer demographics enabling her to market at prime times and with the best offers.  “We love seeing the new and returning customer segments. We can see how much we are growing and if we are keeping our customers loyal with our offering,” says Karen. 

Since July 2015, YoFresh has already accumulated over 550 members into its Belly Program, resulting in over 1,100 visits!     

In an effort to retain new customers and keep them coming back more frequently, Karen activated a First-Visit Auto-Engage Campaign through Belly which incentivizes customers to return to her store within 14 days for their first visit. Through the power of this automated marketing tool, customers who received the YoFresh Auto-Engage email visited an average of 45% more in a 30 day period, and came back twice as fast driving 178 visits to her store overall.


When we asked Karen if she would recommend Auto-Engage to other Belly Businesses, she said, “Absolutely, if you want to grow your customer base. I would say 178 visits and 35 offers redeemed is a successful program.”