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How to Use the Twitter Platform for Small Businesses

How to Use the Twitter Platform for Small Businesses

Have you entered the Twitterverse yet? Twitter is a fantastic platform for small businesses to quickly get in touch and engage with customers. Businesses that learn how to use Twitter will have a competitive advantage by capitalizing on a free marketing channel that touches millions of people everyday. Because of its short format, it’s easy to tweet a brief sentence and attach a photo for a promotion your business is running. But there’s more to that silly little bird you should know about.

Check out these 4 small business Twitter accounts, and how they are making the most of their 140 characters.

Stacked Bar – Milwaukee

Twitter platform for small businesses allows for instant customer service. Take advantage of it. Customers will rave, share constructive feedback, and ask general questions via tweets. Top notch businesses liked Stacked Bar reply to them all.

Customer Raves


Customer Feedback


Customer Questions


FoBoGro – Washington DC

Get involved with your neighborhood. Mention local groups, surrounding businesses and upcoming events in your tweets as a super simple way to get retweeted. Those retweets will increase exposure for your business and open you up to more potential customers.


Next Door – Chicago

Be the expert in your space. Twitter makes it so easy to showoff your personality while at the same time establishing your business as a leader. Use tweets to share happenings at your business as the day unfolds. If you’re mentioned in a tweet, respond and even follow up with a question. This will encourage your followers to engage and start a conversation with you – a conversation that is public to both your followers and theirs.


Dominican Joe Coffee – Austin

Twitter very recently added photos to its feed! Now when users log on, they can see previews of the photos being shared instead of a shortened link. Take advantage of this and post pictures! It’s an easy way to tweet something if you don’t have any text content to share. Want to know an even better trick? Retweet photos that your followers post about your business, like Dominican Joe’s has been doing.

Original Tweet from Dominican Joe Coffee


Customer Tweets, Retweeted by Dominican Joe Coffee



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