How to Train Employees On Your Loyalty Program in 7 Easy Steps

Much like a server informs you of the daily specials at a restaurant, your loyalty program requires an introduction when customers visit your store.

More Members = More Email Addresses + Increased Visits + Increased Spend

The first impression that customers have about your business is one that will last. So in addition to delivering amazing customer service, it is critical to train your employees to positively position your Rewards Program and get new members on board. Word-of-mouth is powerful and will impact the number of emails you collect, increase repeat visitors and ultimately result in increased spend over time.

So, we ask, if your staff doesn’t greet visitors and inform them about your loyalty program, how will your most valuable customer know how to sign up?

We’ve outlined a few best practices to help grow your loyalty program and get your employees’ buy-in with the below 7 tips on how to train employees.

1. Borrow Techniques From Successful Companies

Why reinvent the wheel? Next time you’re at Walgreens or Panera pay attention to how the cashier prompts every customer to sign up for their loyalty program. Even the biggest brands understand how crucial it is for their staff to engage every customer. This is even more valuable for a small business, and every new member counts. Reference examples of local businesses that have a great customer experience and give your employees something to strive for! This will help create a frame of reference for the desired experience you want to emulate.

2. Introduce Belly At Your Next Staff Meeting

Make sure your staff understands that Belly is your loyalty program and an extension of your business. This is just as important as keeping them in-the-know on customer payment processes and where to find more supplies. Luckily, we’ve created Belly with “ease of use” in mind, and your staff will find it very simple to interface with on a daily basis. Here is a quick checklist of things you can address in your first Belly Training Staff Meeting:

  • What Loyalty Means For Your Business: More loyal customers leads to increased revenue for your business.
  • Cover iPad Basics: How the customer scans their QR code, where the iPad will be sitting & how to turn the iPad on and off.

  • Demonstrate How Customers Sign Up: It’s a very simple process. Just – Purchase, Tap, Scan.

  • Review Your Business’s Rewards: How Do the Rewards Work – “You get five points per visit, so after 3 visits your get X!” How to Redeem Rewards – Tap, Scan, Redeem.

3. Involve Your Staff In Reward Creation

Your staff interacts with your customers every day. They have valuable insight into your consumers’ personalities, what they are curious about and popular requests. Make your staff feel part of the loyalty loop by allowing them to help create the rewards you offer. If your employees are excited, these feelings will translate when they speak to customers about Belly.

4. Make Sure Every Staff Member Has A BellyCard

This is the easiest way for your team to understand the signup process and how the Belly App works. Every team member needs a BellyCard. You can also register a partner card for your manager(s) if you want them to have the ability to adjust customer points, order more cards or update rewards from the iPad – just let your Merchant Success Manager know!

5. Use Marketing Materials

Hang the Training Poster in the backroom so the basics and most common questions are always easily accessible to all team members, and so that they become familiar with the programs best practices. The Belly Register Sticker is also a great way to help your staff remember to sign every customer up. You can access even more marketing materials from your Web Command Center or via your Merchant Success Manager.

6. Reward Staff On New Member Registrations

If you can’t tell – We Love Rewards! Some of our most successful merchants have offered their staff incentives and rewards to sign up as many customers as possible during their shift. Putting a competition in place creates more enthusiasm around the program. Belly allows you to easily see when Members signed up – so rewarding the top employees will be a piece of cake. Great ideas like a Pizza Party or Staff Happy Hour can go a long way to show your appreciation for getting new members; these small things are worth the small investment to keep your best employees engaged and happy!

7. Include Belly In Your New-Hire Training and Training Materials

Including Belly in your staff on-boarding process is an excellent way to ensure every new team member views Belly as your loyalty program and registering customers as part of their role at your store. Train new team members on the details of Belly and your store’s rewards so they are prepared to interact with your customers. Click here to view additional training guidelines, or reach out to your Merchant Success Manager for extra tips on how to train employees on your Belly loyalty program.

Ready to see Belly in action? Click here to learn more.