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This Is What Goes into Designing a Tiered Cake
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This Is What Goes into Designing a Tiered Cake

Tiered cake

Cupcakes might be the best thing in the whole wide world. But what if you could have your ‘cakes and eat them too? That’s basically what happened for Matt, one of our Members who saved up enough points at Classy Girl Cupcakes (CGC)  in Milwaukee. After visiting CGC 85 times, Matt redeemed all of his hard earned points to get the reward, “Design A Tiered Cake With Our Head Decorator.” Read below to learn what goes into making a cake design a reality!

Want to see Matt’s cake designing skills in action? Watch the video here!

What enticed you to join Belly at Classy Girl Cupcakes?

In general, I love rewards programs (who doesn't like to get something for free?), and always sign up for them at places I frequent. So when I saw that Classy Girl Cupcakes had a rewards program, I didn't hesitate.  I am addicted to the jumbo filled cupcakes at CGC, so I knew I would accumulate points very quickly.  Plus, I already had a Belly card for another local café near my college, so it was easy to use the same card for both.

Why did you choose to save up your Belly Points for the "Design A Tiered Cake With Our Head Decorator" reward?

I was definitely tempted to redeem points early on for smaller rewards, since I am a poor college student and could've benefitted from free cupcakes or other discounts.  But I'm also a person who saves and I enjoy the satisfaction of delayed gratification, so I started looking at the big rewards that CGC offered.  However, the biggest prize at the time was one that I was not particularly interested in. So, one day when I was in the store, I asked Erica, the owner, if she ever offered one of the specialty cakes as a prize.  She said she was thinking about offering a reward that involved her cakes, but she wanted to make it something unique, not "just" a free cake. She asked what I thought about the prize including an opportunity to decorate and design a cake. I told her I thought it was a great idea and that it would be a cool experience. Next thing I knew, it was an official Belly reward!  I set my sights on that prize from that moment on. When it came time to redeem my 300 points, Erica let me have even more, specific input into what my day as "Cake Artist" would consist of.

Did you have a strategy for saving up your points? How long did it take you to save up enough?

I am addicted to the jumbo filled cupcakes at CGC, and they were my regular "study treat" while going through a really tough year in graduate school, so it wasn't hard to save up points.  The more studying I had to do and the more stressed I got, the more cupcakes I bought!  One-a-day was my limit though. I'll admit, I probably ate way too many cupcakes last school year, but needless to say, I accumulated points really quickly.

Describe your day as a Cake Artist!

First, I got a tour of the bakery and got to see where the magic happens.  Then Sam, the cake artist,  and I talked about what design I wanted on the cake I was going to take home to eat.  Since I'm Norwegian, I chose to have Sam show me how to decorate the cake with piping to look like a Norwegian flag draped over the top.  We started from the base up, assembling the cake layers. Then we waited for the layers to set up and returned later to frost the cake and pipe in the flag design. It was cool to see Sam, a very talented baker, effortlessly bring the cake design to life, while letting me do a lot of it, too.  I loved the finished product, both the way it looked and the way it tasted.  CGC's chocolate stout cake with caramel buttercream frosting is the bomb!

Tell us about your cake design. What inspired it?

In addition to being Norwegian, I also am a distance runner and love the outdoors, so in choosing a design for the store display cake, I put all three of those concepts together into one cake. Sam showed me lots of design ideas and, with her help, I ended up choosing a 3-tiered cake design that featured a beautiful Scandinavian landscape with a beautiful blue sky, mountain ranges, pine trees, and a path that wound up and around the cake.  A female runner was depicted holding a Norwegian flag at different points on the cake, as if she were running up the mountain of cake. I named the cake the "Grete Waitz" design, in honor of the famous Norwegian long distance runner.

What's the next reward you're saving for?

The next reward I'll get will probably be the free, 8″ gourmet layer cake. It's the second-most expensive reward at CGC, so it'll take me awhile to reach it.  Now that I've decorated and tasted one of the layer cakes, I know just how good they are!  Maybe I'll accumulate enough points to get it in May, as a graduation present to myself for making it successfully through my last year of graduate school.  Now that sounds like one awesome study reward!

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