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Merchant Spotlight: Third Eye Comics

Merchant Spotlight: Third Eye Comics

We’re sending words of praise to our friends at Third Eye Comics; they just surpassed 100,000 Belly check-ins! They are clearly onto something…

Type of Business: Comic bookstore

Member Since: August 2012

What do you love most about your Belly loyalty program?

It's the number one thing that keeps our customers engaged. It's also what we use to manage our email list and helps us keep that connection with our customers after their first visit.

What is your favorite feature?

Email opt-in! We also adjust our Members’ points based on spend, so we like having the flexibility to do that for them.

What is your favorite reward that your business currently offers?

“Save Your Money For A Rainy Day- 20% Off Your Entire Purchase.” It’s a great hook to get customers interested our loyalty program.

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for other small businesses?

The motto for us is "it's always about customer service." You need a store to get people through the door but your rapport with your customers will bring their business back.

What did you do to get your customers on board with Belly to reach 100,000 check-ins?

We built Belly into our register check out process. We train our staff how to greet the customer and then teach them how to set up the loyalty program. We call BellyCards the “Third Eye Card” and we are hardcore about making sure all of our employees encourage our customers to join our loyalty program.

How has your Belly loyalty program affected your business?

It's definitely been a positive impact. In just over a year and a half our email list has grown from 6,000 people to 12,000 people. A lot of that is because Belly makes it easy to streamline the process. It gives us an easy way to physically track our brand loyalty. Our customers are already loyal but having that physical platform helps so much more.