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Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Loyalty Program

Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Loyalty Program

For the first time, we've handed over the reigns to let a local expert do some guest blogging for us. We're thrilled that Katy Lynch, President & Founder of SocialKaty, Inc., could take the time to give us some social media marketing tips on how to spread the word that your business is now on board with Belly.

You’ve just installed Belly at your store. Hooray.

Now you want to attract new (and existing) customers into your shop and encourage them to redeem points for super duper, kick­ass rewards. So, how do you do it? How do you tap into your target audience through Facebook, Twitter, and the like?

Here’s some advice for you:

Promote Belly with Facebook Advertising

Once you've created a Facebook wall post touting Belly and its awesomeness, I highly recommend launching an ad campaign (specifically a Promoted Post) to boost likes, comments, and shares on your wall post. Advertising on social is great way to accelerate growth of your audience. With Facebook’s ad platform, you can target individuals based on their gender, age, location, workplace, education, occupation, and special interests. Pretty neat, right?

Here’s how to launch a Promoted Post for increasing visibility of your page posts:

  • Click this link right here
  • Use the drop down menu and click on the post you want to promote (the one that mentions your Belly loyalty program)
  • Choose your audience (Age, Gender, Location, Interests, etc) as well as the Connection (All, Fans of your business, People not connected to your business, Advanced connection targeting)
  • Set a name and budget for your ad
  • Launch it! Then monitor the effectiveness of your ads using the Ads Manager

Create a Short, Catchy Promotional Video

These days, attention spans are short and many people prefer watching a fun, informational video instead of reading a boring, lengthy article like this one. 🙂 Create a video (45 seconds or less) highlighting your business, your new loyalty program, how to get involved with Belly and the different rewards available. Share the video across all of your social channels and be sure to tag the video with relevant keywords that you associate with your business.

Potential customers will be more likely to buy a product from your business if they a) are properly educated on what you sell, b) feel a connection to the brand c) feel the business can offer them something special that other businesses can’t.

Encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to spread the word about your video. Tell them to “tweet” about it. Or post it to Facebook. Or share on YouTube. Get it out into the public eye as much as possible!

Take Photos of Your Brand Ambassadors Using Belly

Another fantastic social media marketing tip for promoting your loyalty program is to show fans actually using it. Take photos of your customers and celebrate with them as they redeem points for rewards! Upload the pics to all of your social media channels. You could even create a collage and upload it as your Facebook cover photo or Twitter background image. Note: The best social media platforms for showcasing visuals, like images and videos, are Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to tag your visuals with trending keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

Keep in mind, folks, that in order for the above social media marketing tips to be successful, you have to be consistent and promote Belly (and your other marketing initiatives) regularly on social media. Make sure that you have a dedicated member on your team who is solely responsible for your social media strategy ­ keeping it fresh, alive, and buzz­worthy!

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