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Social Media for Small Business: 3 Ways to Create the Most Impact When You're Short on Time
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Social Media for Small Business: 3 Ways to Create the Most Impact When You're Short on Time

3 social media tips

We know you're busy. You’re running a business and this means you wear 15 hats at once. And of these many hats, one of them is developing your business’s social media presence. Customers are turning to social media channels to influence their buying decisions, so it’s important that you carve a name for your business online. And here’s the good news: there’s a way to create this Internet presence without slaying time. There are many people dedicated to mastering the valuable expertise of social media for small business and some of them might already be working for you, too.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to build your business’s social media presence.

1) Outsource the work to people you're already paying

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of social media or simply can't find the time to dedicate to an online presence, pass it along to an eager employee. Studies have shown that employees perform better when they feel their work is beneficial to the overall company goal. Put your cashier in charge of Instagram. Ask a busboy to monitor Facebook. Frame this as a business project and offer them an incentive if they reach a certain goal. Tap into the employees you have so that social media for small business owners doesn’t have to be stressful and let them experience the hands-on gratification of small business development.  

2) Create a call to action within your social media channel

Run a photo contest challenging customers to photograph your product or service. Offer the best photo 100 Belly Points or a gift card to your business. Create a hashtag so that you can more easily track entries, too. Chances are, these photos will be seen by your customers friends which could drive business through your door. Let this aid in bringing your product to life online. Calling on your customers will get them excited while you painlessly build a brand and voice for your small business. Plus, use this as an opportunity to understand what it is your customers love about your business, too.

3) Use your network of family and friends

While social media for small business owners can feel daunting, remember that most people have a social media account today and everybody has some sort of audience. Reach out to a friend or family member with a large social media following. Ask them to feature your business on their blog in exchange for free lunch. A “blogger” essentially translates to the idea of a socially savvy individual presenting themselves as a walking advertisement. There are people in your city working to advertise local businesses and look really good while doing it. So how do you find these people? Ask your network! Turn to your employees and loyal customers. Or take to the Internet looking for opportunities to spotlight your business. Let your business be a backdrop for community efforts and promote these on your social media channels.

The opportunities are endless. These are just 3 ideas to lessen the load and allow for your social media scene to take flight. Create a presence. Let people recognize you. Build a community around your business and most importantly, keep your customers coming back by letting them know you value their loyalty.

Remember, Belly can help!

The challenge of successfully managing social media for small business owners is what prompted Belly to develop its automated social media features. Whenever a Belly Member checks in at the Belly iPad, they’re prompted to share their visit on Facebook and Twitter. When they visit often enough, they’ll even be prompted to leave a review on Yelp. This feature helps small business owners get the word out about their business without lifting a finger. And the best part is that you can see how many customers you have driven to your Facebook and Yelp pages right from your Web Command Center.

We’ve also put together a great ebook on social media for small business owners. “The Local Business Blueprint To Social Media Marketing” is a 21-page ebook, and one of the most popular in our Brick N’ Mortar Success Series. It will guide you through local businesses hitting it out of the park with social media and provide tips for improving your social media marketing.

Social Media For Small Business