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5 Tips for Signing up New Customers into Your Loyalty Program

5 Tips for Signing up New Customers into Your Loyalty Program

Here’s a giant piece of advice: Don’t keep your loyalty program a secret; you’ve never heard of ‘undercover loyalty’ have you? Start seeing the benefits of having loyal customers by making your loyalty program known!

Did you know? A 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in more than a 25% increase in revenue.

So just think, the more emails you collect, and the more ways you increase the potential to get lapsed customers through your door to drive repeat visits, the more revenue you will generate.

Follow these simple steps to sign up new members and get the most value from Belly.

1. Inform Your Customers

Your customers need to know about your loyalty program and the benefits they get for signing up, joining and returning to your business. Here is an example of what your employees can say: “Thank you for coming to [Your Business Name], we loved seeing you! Would you like to join our loyalty program? You can earn points every time you make a purchase, and can redeem those points for rewards like [list your rewards].”

Did you know? 48% of consumers recognize their first transaction with a business as the most critical time to gain their loyalty.

2. Display In-Store Signage

There are many ways you can showcase your loyalty program with signage. Depending on the type of business you have, there may be opportunities to make your customers aware of your program before getting to the point of sale. Put decals on your windows and signage on customer-facing materials (menus, sale signs). Most importantly, have your iPad front and center at the point of sale, with quick and easy directions, and make sure BellyCards are stocked.

Did you know? An in-store poster is included in your Belly Kit. We provide a directional poster helping customers learn how to check into your business along with a cardholder for BellyCards. Need more? Let us know!

3. Incentivize New Members With Low Point Rewards

Making rewards relevant and achievable with low-point values is a great way to incentivize new members to join. If your loyalty program only offers high-point redemptions, customers may not feel like there is a benefit to joining, due to potentially unattainable goals. When setting up your rewards think of points in terms of visits. So 5, 10, 15, point rewards are a customer’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th visits. Pick a low cost item like soda, or a complimentary item like a side of fries to get people excited to come back!

Did you know? Over 50% of consumers increase their spending at a business that offers loyalty rewards.

4. Send Welcome Emails

When a new customer checks in at your business, make sure they feel welcome! Sending an email following a customer’s first visit helps you begin to develop a two-way relationship.

Did you know? 65% of loyal customers want email communication from the businesses they frequent. Belly can help you reach your customers, not only after sign up, but through continued communication to get them back in the door.

5. Spread the Word

via Social Media Belly brings in-store customer experiences online through our customized Facebook Tab. We make it easy to enhance and grow your business page, allowing new members to earn points when they ‘Like’ your page. Don’t forget to add this feature to your business page.

Did you know? 77% of businesses who use Facebook have acquired a customer through the social platform.

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