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Winter Is Coming. Prepare by Signing Customers Up for Your Loyalty Program Now

Winter Is Coming. Prepare by Signing Customers Up for Your Loyalty Program Now

Sign customers up loyalty program

The holidays can be a hectic time for many businesses, so it’s never too early to start preparing. You may have some ideas around promotions, sales, and/or events for this holiday season - that’s great! The holidays are a great time to engage customers and establish loyalty that you can continue to build on in 2018.

A great way to engage customers before, during, and after the holidays is to collect customer emails by signing them up for your loyalty program. Start signing customers up and collecting emails now so you have a large email list you can send sale and event announcements to over the holidays. In addition, continue to promote your loyalty program throughout the holidays since many businesses see an increase in foot traffic during this time, particularly from infrequent or new customers. All in all, this is a great time of year to enroll new customers in your loyalty program. Here are some of our top tips.

Tell Your Customers About It

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that your employees are trained on how to use the loyalty program and ask every customer to check in if they’re already a member, or sign up if they’re not. Roughly 48% of consumers say that their first transaction at a business is the most critical time to gain their loyalty.

Here are some talking points you can share with your employees:

  • "You can get a free (insert item here) after your first visit!"

You can activate a First-Visit Offer through Belly’s auto-engage feature that gives customers an offer to redeem within 7 days of their first visit to ensure that they return to your business a second time.

  • "You'll be the first to know about/get exclusive access to our sales."

Consumers value the feeling of exclusivity and special treatment. A great way to establish loyalty is giving them special access to sales and events.

  • Or a simple, "We appreciate your business and would love to reward you for your loyalty."

Sometimes just telling your customers that you want to show their appreciation is more than enough to get them excited about your loyalty program.

Get Customers Excited with Low-Point Rewards

Rewards with lower point values are a great way to get customers motivated to join a rewards program. If a customer only has to visit 2 additional times to get their first reward, they’re much more likely to join than if the first available reward requires 10 additional visits. Lower value rewards can be a small item such as a soda or a free flavor in their coffee. Make sure you have a good mix of low- and high-value rewards so you can address the complete customer journey. The former will get them to sign up for the program, and the latter will give them a great reward to keep working toward.

Give Bonus Points to New Members

Instead of rewarding new members with a standard number of points the first time they check in to your loyalty program (e.g. 5 points), give them double or triple points to encourage them to come back sooner in order to reach their goal. According to the goal gradient hypothesis, people’s efforts increase the closer they are to a goal. Think of a runner in a 400m sprint; they will run the fastest within the final 50m because they are closer to the finish line. Therefore, a customer is much more likely to sign up for your program if they get more points (and are closer to a reward) when they enroll.

Businesses can never be over-prepared for the holidays, so it doesn’t hurt to start planning now. Getting customers enrolled in your loyalty program sooner rather than later gives you an opportunity to engage with them over the profitable holiday season and build relationships that will last through 2018 and beyond. Get staff and customers alike excited to be part of your loyalty program!

Winter may be coming, but you’ll be ready.

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