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Flop's Fave Reward: VIDA Fitness

Flop's Fave Reward: VIDA Fitness

Flop and the word “fitness” are rarely used in the same sentence, but hey, if this is a reward the pooch wants who are we to stop him?

Business: VIDA Fitness

Reward: Free 3 Pack Of Personal Training Sessions

Points: 550

Marketing Tactic: Cross-sell opportunity

Why We Love It: Rewards should reflect the activity of your customers. If you have a customer who is working out at your gym every day, offering them a few free personal training sessions for their loyalty makes perfect sense. And who knows, maybe after their free sessions, they’ll pay to upgrade and add time with a trainer as part of their regular routine.

Tips For Your Biz: Use your Belly Rewards as an opportunity to cross-sell and make your customers aware of products at your business that they might not know about. For example: Everyone knows you own the best hair studio in town, but perhaps you also offer incredible manicures. By offering a reward for manicures, your loyal customers will be reminded of that you offer nail services every time they Belly at your business. Plus, for those that try, you've now earned the opportunity to win a larger part of their beauty budget.