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The Most Popular Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Programs of 2015
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The Most Popular Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Programs of 2015

Loyalty rewards programs of 2015

If you’re a business owner, ask yourself which is more difficult: getting or keeping customers?

It actually is more costly to lose customers because, on average, companies can spend seven times more to acquire a new customer (compared to retaining an old one). That's why more restaurants are relying on loyalty rewards programs to keep their customers coming back more often. And now with smartphones, consumers can access their own personal rewards at any time. It’s like a digital twist to the classic paper punch card.

Let's take a look at some of most popular restaurant loyalty rewards programs and the strategies they use.


Starbucks has built the very popular My Starbucks Rewards, one of the most well-known customer loyalty rewards programs. Starbucks drinkers can start their membership in-store or online. Members earn “Stars” every time they pay with the mobile app or with their Starbucks Card. Below are some of the enticing rewards and free offers that are as equally addicting as a caffeinated beverage:

  • Free food and drinks
  • Free treat on your birthday
  • A birthday coupon for 15% off an online purchase
  • Personalized offers for signing up for their email newsletter
  • The ability to upgrade your membership tier level by spending more in a given year, which comes with new rewards like free refills on certain drinks

This rewards program is ideal for members using the Starbucks app. It still works with a physical card, but the card does need to be reloaded with a prepaid debit or gift card amount.

Dunkin' Donuts

Another coffee shop you'll find everywhere, with its popular customer loyalty rewards program – DD Perks. You can sign up online and have a Dunkin' Donuts card shipped to you or you can grab a card in-store.

Like Starbucks, money must be added to your card and then spent to earn any rewards. The plan is simple:

  • Get a free beverage when you join the club
  • Get another free beverage on your birthday
  • Members earn 5 points for every dollar they spend at participating Dunkin' Donuts with the DD Card. (So, for every $40 you spend with the DD Card, you'll earn a free coffee. Not too shabby.)
  • Every 200 points earns a Reward Coupon that can be cashed in for a free beverage
  • Additional offers and opportunities to earn rewards throughout the year
  • You can also use the Dunkin' Mobile® App to pay for purchases, view your account and points, and access special coupons.

Pink Berry

Everyone’s favorite healthy frozen yogurt chain’s program is super straightforward: Buy ten treats, get one free. Like Starbucks, you will also get a free treat on your birthday!

TGI Friday’s

The “Give Me More Stripes” restaurant loyalty program is one of the most customized individual restaurant chain loyalty programs out there. Customers will earn one “Stripe” (like points) per dollar spent to save up for items like free desserts, sandwiches, burgers, coupons and entrees. For 150 Stripes you can earn a steak dinner!

There’s also the low-hanging fruit of a free appetizer for just signing up for their program and of course a free birthday dessert!


Belly is a customer loyalty rewards program, providing a custom rewards strategy that's tailored for every merchant. Instead of trying to attract, track, and retain customers manually, the tools provided by Belly do all the heavy lifting.

Businesses can build their rewards program with varying point values for any free treats they want to offer: free birthday surprises, appetizers or even big experiential rewards – like learning how to decorate a tiered cake!

Customers at these businesses – the members using BellyCards – earn Belly Points with every purchase, much like credit card reward points. They can cash in those points for rewards specific to that merchant only.

It's easy for customers to sign up (by grabbing a BellyCard or entering an email address) and Belly Campaigns ensures that they'll come back again and again. By collecting and analyzing this data, merchants can better understand their customers and provide more targeted services and products.

Are you rewarding your customers for their loyalty to your restaurant? Click here to learn how Belly makes it easy to keep them coming back for more.