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How to Pitch Your Loyalty Program in Less Than a Minute

How to Pitch Your Loyalty Program in Less Than a Minute

Engaging customers with your loyalty program is crucial for gaining insight into your customer base and bringing them back into your store more often. It’s important that every single customer understands how awesome your loyalty program is and signs up for it, too! For this to happen, you and your staff must pitch to your customers the benefits of joining your program, showcase your unique rewards, and explain how easy it is to sign up –without holding up the checkout process.

Here are 5 easy talking points for effectively engaging your customers with your rewards program!

1. Show your customers how easy it is to sign up and check in with Belly:

Customers will appreciate that there’s no lengthy sign up form required, just simply an email address to tie to their card or phone app. Show them how quick and easy it is by getting them to tap the big blue button on the iPad. Point out that if they ever forget their card, they can still check in using that email address –it doesn’t get much easier than that!

2. Cleary communicate that it is cost free and spam free to join:

Two of the biggest hurdles in getting people to sign up for a loyalty program is the fear of an additional cost and/or having their email inbox swamped with emails as a result. Be sure to let your customers know they will only receive relevant emails from Belly Merchants they choose to hear from (like you), in addition to getting the occasional email from Belly for a special offer or update.

3. Let them know they can earn points quickly:

You should be engaging customers by simply explaining that they should scan in after every purchase to automatically receive 5 points for their visit. If you regularly run Double Points, be sure to tell them that. This is also a great opportunity to encourage them to “Like” your page through the Belly Facebook Tab for an extra 5 points!

4. Highlight one or two of your favorite rewards:

Your unique rewards are the shining star of your loyalty program and drive customers back in, so everyone needs to know about them! Make sure to reference a low point value reward so that customers feel like signing up is worth their while. If it’s their first visit, they probably haven’t fully experienced your great service or product yet so they may not know if they will be back or not – a 5 to 15 point reward can hook those commitment-phobes who are on the fence. You also want to highlight your store’s unique personality so an experiential reward should be talked about as well. A good example of efficient phrasing would be “If you come back one more time, you’ll already have enough points for a free beverage! Or you can save up until you have 100 points and the owner will teach you how to make our secret sauce.” This lets your customers know that your rewards are attainable and gives them a glimpse into your store’s personality.

5. Talk about the Belly network:

Encourage your customers to download the Belly app so they can find other places to Belly nearby. You want your customers to appreciate that their card will work in many places; it makes them more inclined to join because it feels like less of a commitment. Know of neighboring businesses using Belly? Point them out to your customers! Know of neighboring businesses that should use Belly? Get a free month for referring them. The Belly network is a great way to get discovered by customers already shopping in your neighborhood.

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