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Flop's Fave Reward: Pine Street Pizza

Flop's Fave Reward: Pine Street Pizza

So one would assume that this reward would be enjoyed among a group…unless the customer is Flop. Flop dominates this reward solo style.

Business: Pine Street Pizza

Reward: Pizza Party! 2 Plain Pies, 20 Wings & A 2-Liter

Points: 250

Marketing Tactic: Customer acquisition

Why We Love It: The best way to celebrate anything is with a pizza party. Bust out the party hats, throw down a festive tablecloth and make this customer feel like today is theirs to take! This reward is so easy for your business to offer and yet it’s definitely one your best customers will have their eyes on as they earn Belly Points. Keep a collage of past pizza partiers so that other customers can see what to look forward to.

Tips For Your Biz: Use your current customer base to attract more loyal customers. Create rewards that encourage customers to bring in a friend or share their hard-earned reward with someone new!