Top Placement for Online Presence: Google Search for Small Businesses

Google, the powerhouse of the web, is a great place to begin increasing your online presence. In less than an hour, and for an investment of $0, the steps below will optimize your small business's exposure on the internet's most-used search engine. (We know you're busy, and want to help you work towards securing top placement. You’re welcome in advance.)

Google yourself

And by yourself, we mean your business name. And by your business name, we mean, search for it every which way.

For example, if your business is Alleycat Comics, try each of the following:

  • Alleycat Comics (full, correct name)
  • Alleycat Chicago (shortened name + city)
  • Alley Cat Comics (incorrect variation)
  • Comics Alleycat (flip-flopped)

Existing and potential customers Google your business every day; therefore, make yourself easy to find and contact. If not, you could lose sales: a whopping 88% of consumers research online before they buy, including restaurant searches.

Your search results will most likely display something similar to Alleycat Comics' top placement the below.


Review the information in the Google Search and Google Maps sections for accuracy including: phone number, street address, website, hours, and map location.

Notice something that needs editing or is not displaying correctly in Google Search and Maps?

Head here to make updates or setup your small business. It’s free.

If photos are not included in your profile, upload them. If you only have one photo, add more. The more information consumers can find online, the easier it is for them to learn about and visit your business. Plus this information, unlike other online content, is controllable by you, so you can strategically pick and choose what online consumers first stumble across when Googling your business. Own your online presence.

Also, customers can leave feedback reviews in your Google Search results, so don’t forget to monitor them, too. Learn how to manage your online reviews in this Belly blog post.