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Top Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

Top Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

The year 2013 was packed with digital marketing trends, innovations and developments. In 2014, we anticipate continued growth for many of these technological trends, specifically the six featured below.

1) Images rule, text drools

People want to share and view images, photos, and pictures, more than read text. All signs point to visual content reigning supreme in 2014, no matter the medium.

Dog Fails

2) Google+, rearing it’s social media head

It's safe to say that most people with a Gmail account also have Google Plus account, or are at least a click away from having one. “G+”, as the cool kids would call it, is already the second largest network, gaining on the heels of Facebook. We expect this social layer of the most used search engine in the world to do big things in 2014, and we for one can’t wait to partake. Get your business on Google+ for free, here.

3) Mobile Mania

Over 60% of consumers own a smartphone, which instantly converts them into on-the-go purchasers. An impressive 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour: ordering a pizza, scheduling an oil change, or booking a salon appointment. Small businesses need to ensure that they are included in mobile search results and relevant smartphone applications.

4) A laser focus on loyalty

A 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in more than a 25% increase in revenue, and small businesses are catching on. In fact, 38% already have a loyalty program in place, and another 21% plan to add one within the next 12 months. Top trends include platforms that allow for customized rewards and digital solutions.

5) Big data for small businesses

Digital marketing trends and efforts collect trillions of pieces of data from billions of customers. This information can help businesses answer question such as:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • How often do my customers visit?
  • Where else do my customers shop?
  • What is my most popular marketing incentive?

With data, small business owners can make powerful marketing decisions that significantly impact their bottom line. Collecting this information will continue to be a top trend among marketing tools; the challenge will be for small businesses to elect to partner with those that share this information.

6) Video storytelling

Twitter owns Vine, Instagram added Video, Facebook implemented autoplay (a benefit for both users and advertisers), and YouTube video consumption grew 50% from last year to 6 billion hours viewed per month. Video is booming, and everyone is clamoring to get on this medium. Why? Because studies have shown that videos increase the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase.

Case in point, we'd like to buy this fox and find out what else he has to say.