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Local Marketing Battles: A David vs. Goliath Story
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Local Marketing Battles: A David vs. Goliath Story

David vs goliath

Local Marketing Battles: A David vs. Goliath Story

“Men, money, and material aren’t always the deciding factors in a battle. Being an underdog – having nothing to lose – opens up possibilities.”

—David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell

Belly was founded on the understanding that SMBs compete amid seemingly insurmountable odds.  How will Jenny’s Cafe be able to compete for customers with the new ACME Coffee Chain opening down the street?  ACME Coffee has nearly unlimited resources, pouring money into its local marketing to drive brand recognition and in-store & online advertising. Not only does Jenny not have the necessary resources to compete, her time and energy goes into keeping the business up and running, from manning the register, ordering inventory, bookkeeping and preparing food. She’s exhausted by the end of the week and doesn’t have the time to remind her customers why her product is special.

Listening to Gladwell, we know that Jenny’s Cafe shouldn’t play to larger organizations’ strengths.  Jenny should play to her own strengths.  Her business was born out of a passion for delivering high quality products, not a desire to show off her local marketing chops.  Jenny decides her goal is simple: Create relationships with customers that ACME can’t compete with, and retain every customer she serves.  According to a recent study, the #1 influence on customer loyalty is the customer’s experience with the store associate.  Belly is a perfect match for Jenny’s needs because Belly believes in making all businesses personal.  Belly is focused on building loyalty products that enable positive engagement and simple, automated marketing tools which consistently remind customers of the unique experience or relationship they have with a business.  On average, our merchant customers build customer lists of over 1000 members.  Tools like email Campaigns can be set up to run automatically or built from scratch in 5 minutes or less.  

What does ACME Coffee do?  It focuses on reducing the amount of time ringing up every customer, maximizing throughput, and buying as many new customers as possible through media outlets.  This approach leaves customers feeling all the love of a meat-grinding factory. 

So why is Belly a good fit for your business?  It’s because we empathize with your position.  Belly began operations in 2011 and dove head-first into a field of competition with public companies like Groupon & Constant Contact, as well as other well-known companies like Square and MailChimp.  We knew we weren’t going to build the same tools and win in a head-to-head competition. We chose to build towards a future where businesses valued something other than a discount, where businesses demanded to understand the true value of every customer engagement.  Belly’s mission is to provide you with local marketing tooling which allows you to compete with these bigger businesses.  Businesses will want more and Belly is positioned to drive results.

The early results?  We have over twelve thousand business partners, over 6 million members. Something is resonating with our approach, and our interests are tied with every customer.  Our success is driven by your business’s success.

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