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How to Spread Holiday Cheer at Your Business
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How to Spread Holiday Cheer at Your Business

Spread holiday cheer

Years ago, someone sang "It's the most wonderful time of the year*." But between elbowing through crowded shopping malls, writing and losing never ending To Buy lists, and attending obligatory parties you "just have to show my face" at, it's easy to forget what those lyrics truly mean. So before your holiday spirit becomes as wilted as a poinsettia in March, follow Belly's guide to spreading holiday cheer at your business!

Play Holiday Music

This is an easy way to get your customers into the holiday spirit. Just throw on any holiday playlist on Spotify and let the Yuletide tunes work their magic! You'll immediately see how greatly a favorite song can affect your customers' (and your!) attitudes.

Host Photos With Santa Inside Your Store

If your business has the space for it, hosting photos with Santa is an incredible way to get customers in your door and put smiles on their faces. Send out an email Campaign to let your customers know when to stop by. Take photos of every child sitting on Santa's lap and share them in a Facebook album. Or ask your customers to post their own pictures using a hashtag unique to your store, like #CupcakeSanta or #SantaOnClarkStreet (you get the idea).

Wish Your Customers The Merriest Of Days On Social Media

Sometimes all it takes is a simple "Thank you" to remind each other of the true meaning of the season. Feel free to use the image below to spread some cheer via your social channels.

Facebook Cover Photo & Post

Spread Holiday Cheer

Click here to open this image in a new window. Either "Save As" or drag it onto your desktop.

Bake Cookies

Seriously, cookies are the best. Bake some festive treats and offer them to your customers when they come in. Trust us, it'll work.

*Wikipedia taught us this.