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How to Get New Customers with Your Loyalty Program
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How to Get New Customers with Your Loyalty Program

How to get new customers

Every store owner wants to know how to get new customers. Here are 3 easy ways to use Belly's loyalty program to drive more business:

1. Cross Promotion Through Rewards

Belly works for a variety of businesses and, as a Belly merchant, you can use that to your advantage. Check out the Map in our loyalty rewards app – most likely there is a nearby Belly Business that is completely different from yours with their own loyal customers shopping right down the street. You have your own loyal customers who are regularly in the area; wouldn’t it be great if you could share the wealth and get exposure to that other group of customers? With Belly, you can!

Many Belly Businesses choose to partner up and offer rewards for free or discounted items at each other’s locations. For example a salon can reward their customers with a free soup from the café across the street and that café can offer a free blow-dry at the salon. By simply offering the reward, it’s making their customers aware of the other business and encouraging them to shop locally and join loyalty programs near them!

2. Cross Promotion For Local Events

Through cross-promotion, Belly businesses are able to reach not just new customers, but customers they know shop in the area often – the type of people that will drive more business for them long term. During local events, it’s a great idea to work with neighboring Belly Businesses to get the word out to everyone’s customers.

Belly businesses can always increase foot traffic for local events by emailing their customer base, but if every Belly business in the area sent a Belly Email Campaign promoting the same event, the reach would be much more extensive. Better yet, an email that includes what local Belly Businesses are doing for the event will appeal to significantly more people. The more people that attend, the more business for everyone involved – everybody wins!

3. Belly Bites

Belly Bites is Belly’s customer acquisition tool that also provides you exposure to Belly’s loyal network of customers.

Through your Web Command Center you are able to turn on Belly Bites and send targeted offers to Belly members in your neighborhood who have never visited your business. You can offer any item to entice these future customers to come on in. Most businesses select a signature item to hook these new customers and to keep them coming back. Belly then targets the best customers for you – loyal customers who have shopped nearby but not at your business yet. Unlike other acquisition tools, you’re able to set the number of new customers you’d like to acquire each month (avoiding an unmanageable influx of customers) and you only pay for the ones who come through the door.

By sending offers to members of the Belly network, you’re able to reach a very specific group of people: nearby shoppers who understand loyalty and have yet to visit your location.

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