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How Small Businesses Can Obtain Customer Feedback in a Mobile World
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How Small Businesses Can Obtain Customer Feedback in a Mobile World

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How Small Businesses Can Obtain Customer Feedback in a Mobile World

Look around next time you’re on the train, the bus or at the office.  If you can count ten people nearby, at least six of them probably have a smartphone and are heads down, surfing Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  According to a research study from Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and almost half of all smartphone users say they couldn’t live without it.  Even more compelling is that almost 75% of smartphone users will purchase from a new business based on something they read on social media.

There’s no doubt the shift to mobile is real.  Whether or not your business embraces this paradigm shift could dictate whether your business succeeds or fails in an all mobile world. For many small businesses, seeing the value in a customer communication strategy which embraces mobile can be difficult.  At Belly, we understand this, which is why it’s our job to provide you with proven ways to make your business more successful at obtaining customer feedback in a mobile world.

It’s not enough anymore to simply open up lines of communication with your customers and hope that good things are said about your business. Any business can build a Facebook company page, but not every business knows how to maximize Facebook Likes and page shares across multiple networks. Any business can create a catchy twitter handle, but not every business knows how to tweet like Cory Booker or get re-tweeted like Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres Selfie

Any business can pay for positive review placement on Yelp, but not every business knows how to generate multiple positive reviews to counteract that one negative review. All these things matter when communicating with your customers, and not knowing how to obtain impactful multi-directional customer feedback could mean the difference between success or failure of your business.  

The majority of businesses may start out with a plan for how to effectively communicate with their customers, but most don’t have access to technology or tools that enable them to hear what their customers are saying in real-time. It’s also challenging to maintain the quality and frequency of communication or ensure potential customers see more positive feedback about a business from existing customers.  Here are four ways Belly can equip your business to navigate a more mobile world.

Social Media

Belly makes it easier for businesses to collect and track Facebook “Likes” by prompting your customers to “Like” your business or share their visit directly with their friends on Twitter and Facebook by using our mobile app. Worried your customers have Facebook burnout or tweet hangover?  The Belly platform can be customized for the uniqueness of your customers by incentivizing the customer behavior you want in exchange for additional Belly reward points.  In addition to the friend-to-friend-to-friend multiplier effect that comes with sharing visits to your business on Facebook and Twitter, Belly also provides an easy way for customers to review your business on Yelp directly through our mobile app.  And to keep all this additional customer data organized and actionable, we provide you with access to our Web Command Center, a full CRM suite of tracking and reporting tools made to help you get to know your customers like your own family.


Customer surveys are a great way to obtain feedback about how customers perceive your product or service, learn about customers likes and dislikes, and understand what the business could be doing better.  Belly has built proprietary customer feedback technology that equips businesses with the tools necessary to dynamically obtain feedback from customers.  These aren’t your typical 50 question surveys at the end of a call with your cable service provider.  Our surveys are elegant to the eye and easy to understand, with the added advantage of being accessible by your customers on their mobile devices, meaning you increase the likelihood of completion and maximize potential response rates across your customer base.

Real-time Feedback

What if your customers could provide you with a confidential 5-star rating immediately after each visit, similar to how a passenger rates a driver on Uber or a shopper rates a product on Amazon?  This type of feedback is straightforward and easy for customers to provide at point-of-purchase, and can be tied to visit and purchase history when using Belly.  Our platform utilizes an iPad at point-of-purchase through which a business can gather real-time customer feedback and take action to drive desired behavior, increase customer retention or improve their suite of loyalty rewards.


The last thing a small business owner wants to worry about is staying active on social media, being a thought leader in their space, or finding new customers through alternative word-of-mouth marketing channels.  Belly provides businesses with access to our online merchant Resources Hub, which can be used to explore content, post content and participate in merchant case studies. The Belly Merchant Resource Hub is a way for businesses to connect with new customers, stay relevant with current customers, and position themselves as a thought leader in their space. Broken Mobile Flip Phone

Unfortunately, not all customer feedback is created equal.  In today’s fast moving mobile world, businesses need a customer communication strategy that capitalizes on world-class mobile technologies to keep their finger on the pulse of what their customers are saying, or else risk being left in the flip-phone dust.

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