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Flop's Fave Rewards: Little Greek Restaurant

Flop's Fave Rewards: Little Greek Restaurant

Reward: Show Us Your Best Opa And Enjoy A Free Platter – Choice Of Mousaka, Pastitsio, Dolmades, Chicken Souvlaki, Or Gyro Platte

Points: 50

Marketing Tactic: Show off your business’s personality

Why We Love It: We dig this reward because it gives your business the opportunity to show off its flair! Asking your customers to “Opa!” allows them to learn about cultural influences your business has and could prompt them to do a little research on their own. Take a video of your customers as this reward is redeemed and share it with your social networks.

Tips For Your Biz: You don’t need to have a cultural connection to pull off a reward like this. Does your head chef have a tradition before firing up the grill every day or does your weekend manager play the same song when locking up in the evenings? Inside jokes or quirks among your employees make your business unique and work just as well for this kind of reward.