Flop's Fave Rewards: FoBoGro

If Flop earned this reward his cart would be filled with pizza, sour gummy worms, jars of pickles and guacamole.

Business: FoBoGro Grocery

Reward: 30-Second Supermarket Sweep

Points: 500

Marketing Tactic: Cross-sell opportunity

Why We Love It: We like this reward because it requires a little bit of work. It’s not instantly over upon redemption like many rewards. It also takes preparation; the customer who gets it must know the layout of your store and have a game plan before their 30 second sweep! And because every customer is unique, the possibilities are endless as to what items they’ll make a dash for! We recommend taking a video of each customer in their moment of glory as they achieve this reward.

Tips For Your Biz: Like FoBoGro did in this example, create rewards that allow your customers to learn a bit more about what your business has to offer. Just because someone is a loyal customer it doesn't mean that they know every product on your shelf. Include items that you'd like to draw some attention to by including them in your Belly Rewards suite. Seeing these rewards listed will serve as a constant reminder of the other great things available at your business.