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Flop's Fave Reward: Cup O' The Irish

Flop's Fave Reward: Cup O' The Irish

For a dog, Flop sure drinks like a fish!

Business: Cup O' The Irish

Reward: Pour Your Own Pint! Get A Lesson In Proper Guiness Pouring And Pour Your Own Pint

Points: 150

Marketing Tactic: Establish expertise

Why We Love It: We like this one because it gets your customer involved with the business in a very unique way! Plus it’s a skill that the customer can always attribute back to Cup O' The Irish whether they’re pouring themselves a pint or for a full group of friends.

Tips For Your Biz: Create rewards that reinforce your business's expertise. Teach your customers how to make your award-winning sushi rolls, offer classes for the perfect blowout – whatever you're an expert at, make sure your customers know!