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Facelifts & Data: Belly’s Web Command Center
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Facelifts & Data: Belly’s Web Command Center


Bridging the physical and digital world has never been easier thanks to Belly. When a new customer comes to your business (let’s name her Sarah), orders a cup of coffee, and scans her Belly card or app, a digital connection is made. That digital connection enables you, as a store owner or operator, to provide Sarah with offers and rewards that are specifically relevant to her. You know that she’s a 27 year old female and how often she visits your business and when. At a larger scale, Belly gives you the ability to segment your customers based on things like age, gender, and visit history for example. This arms you with customer data you haven’t had before. Creating digital connections from this data is powerful – and that’s just the beginning of what Belly can do.

As a business owner or operator, Belly gives you full visibility into how your loyalty program is performing along with tools to automate your marketing. Are you taking advantage of all these tools? Besides powering your customer loyalty program from your in-store tablet, from your Web Command Center you can:

  • Email your customers with Campaigns
  • Get new customers with Bites
  • Automate your social media and reputation management
  • Access powerful data about your customers

If you haven’t logged into your Web Command Center lately, we highly recommend that you give it a look.

Besides getting a complete facelift (did we mention larger screen real estate, updated look and better sorting and filtering options??!), your Web Command Center provides robust analytics about your customer base and all the marketing tools you need to stay connected.

Learn who your most loyal customers are and who hasn't visited in a while. Access customer demographics and review how your loyalty program, email campaigns and Bites are performing.

Here are even more things you can do:

Sort & Filter Your Customer Data

Easily view your customer data by day, week, month or a custom date range you set. See how your loyalty program is performing over time.

  • Customer Visits: Sort based on date range as well as who visited most frequently and who hasn’t been in for a while.
  • Reward Redemptions: Sort reward redemptions by day, week, month or a custom date range. You can see which of your rewards is the most popular, and which ones you might want to replace based on how many redemptions they have.

Send & Track Email Campaigns To Your Customers

With Belly’s Campaigns tool, not only can you create and send dynamic emails to your customers, but you can track the emails you send back to actual customer visits. Prior to Campaigns, businesses had no simple way to measure how effective email communications were at bringing customers into their store. That’s why we’re so excited about Campaigns. Now, you can see how many customers visited your business after receiving an email. From creation, all the way through reporting, all of your emails can be managed right from your Web Command Center, under the Campaigns tab.


Get New Customers With Bites

If you missed the announcement of Bites a few months back, it’s a self-service customer acquisition tool that taps into Belly’s network of over 4 million members, and lets you target new customers in your neighborhood who haven’t been to your business. Unlike other customer acquisition tools, Bites allows you to track how many new customers visited your business and became repeat customers.



Take your newly designed Web Command Center for a spin and let us know what you think! If you’re not a Belly Merchant, but would like to learn more, fill out the form below for a demo.