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3 Ways Unique Rewards Can Increase Customer Loyalty

3 Ways Unique Rewards Can Increase Customer Loyalty

The beautiful thing about Belly is that your rewards are 100% unique and 100% your own. Every business has its own personality and that’s what makes your customers love you. Discounts and free items are always a delightful way to show appreciation for your customers but a unique experience is something they will not forget. Increase customer loyalty by offering experiential rewards to your business's loyalty program.

Here are 3 ways experiential rewards can make your loyalty program a success:

1. Make a Great First Impression: Increase Customer Loyalty From the First Visit

First impressions are lasting impressions. A customer's perception of your business is influenced almost immediately so it’s vital for every aspect of your business to communicate positive impressions; the same goes for your loyalty program.

A business owner cannot always control the appearance of the shop or the customer services provided because running a small business often requires the owner to be 10 places at once. One thing that you as a business owner can control is the rewards program you've put in place with your loyalty rewards app. Experiential rewards grab your customers’ attention on their initial visit, offer them a genuine glimpse into your business’s personality and make that first impression a great one. It’s pretty hard to imagine that a business doesn’t care about its customers when they offer rewards like A Ride To Class or A Date With A Staff Member. Rewards like this make the in-store experience so much more personal than a punch card or discount. Personal connections will lead to more loyal customers.

2. Create a Buzz: Generate Brand Recognition

Have you ever exclaimed to a friend “I am 5 points away from 10% off”? Probably not. As much as a customer appreciates a discount or cash back, it’s not something that they’ll rehash to their friends – or Tweet and share with their social networks.

One of a kind experiences, lessons, VIP treatment – these are the rewards that get people talking. Even big brands like American Express, PepsiCo and Visa have added experiential rewards to their respective loyalty programs. For instance: In 2007, American Express customers were able to redeem points to shadow Tiger Woods playing a practice course just before the US Open. To their surprise and delight, Tiger also offered a spontaneous putting lesson. With this one experience, Amex was able to not only make these card members lifetime members but it also led to an increase in their social media buzz. Visa also offers a variety of experiential rewards, one being VIP access to a secret database of Zagat restaurant reviews. PepsiCo also runs promotions offering their most loyal customers a VIP concert experience. The exposure and the positive buzz they stimulate perfectly exemplify the power of unique rewards experiences.

When your Belly members earn a fun, experiential reward at your business, it’s likely they will Tweet and post about it about it for all their friends and network to see. In addition, you can always let Belly know when these redemptions happen and we will help create a buzz, too.

3. Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

It seems like everyone offers a “Buy 9, Get the 10th Free” or some other generic discount. With just one experiential reward a business can set itself apart from the others.

If a small business only provides discounts, it sends the message that a good price point is all they have to offer. The competition then becomes all about price and with all the daily deals out there, someone will always find a way to be less expensive. Instead, showcase your great products, awesome staff and distinct personality! Increase customer engagement while escaping price slashing and offer unique experiential rewards.

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