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Flop's Fave Experiential Rewards: AlleyCat Comics

Flop's Fave Experiential Rewards: AlleyCat Comics

Flop might be a tiny little pup, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t throw a mean left hook!

Business: AlleyCat Comics

Reward: Punch Staff Member Of Choice In The Stomach

Points: 350

Marketing Tactic: Share-worthy reward

Why We Love It: “Be aggressive, be be aggressive!” Be aggressive in your point earning, that is! While we don’t condone violence, we do condone having fun with your customers. This reward at AlleyCat Comics was one of our first experiential rewards and it quickly demonstrated to us that customers who have a personal connection with a business are the ones most likely to return. Customers who have earned enough Belly Points to get this reward clearly know the store’s staff – and can’t wait to let them have it!

Tips For Your Biz: If you have an off-the-wall experiential reward like this one, make sure your customers know about it. As it's being redeemed be sure to take photos and video and post them to your social media accounts. You'll be amazed by the buzz it creates!