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Get More Facebook "Likes" for Your Small Business

Get More Facebook "Likes" for Your Small Business

Facebook has evolved into a communication channel where small businesses can tell stories, showcase industry expertise, post videos, tag photos, share links, get social, and more, all in an effort to engage with their customers. After all, engaged customers are more loyal and emotionally tied to a brand, which directly correlates to how much they spend at a business.

  • "Liking" a business page on Facebook is an indication of engagement and something small businesses work hard to acquire.
  • A ‘Like' indicates an “affinity” for a Facebook page and its content, and is just one (important) piece of Facebook's oh-so secret algorithm that determines what is displayed on a Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Facebook fans are nearly 300% more likely to engage than non-fans.
  • 80% of individuals who follow brands do so via Facebook.
  • 27% of individuals who ‘Like' a brand do it to share their interests and likes with others.

A Facebook "Like" is valuable because it gives businesses a direct communication channel with their customers. When a customer “Likes” a page, its fans see the business’s posts, updates, and activity. We surveyed over 500 small businesses this Fall and more than half of the owners placed a value of a "Like" at $1 or more. Nearly 1 out of 4 said the value was over $4!

Below are just 3 ways that Belly’s loyalty solution can get your business's Facebook page more “Likes” and exposure.

1) Create a digital, in-store connection

Belly has millions of Members, many of whom are Facebook connected. These Members are checking into the tablet at your business’s POS, where each visit includes an incentive for them to “Like” your Facebook page right there on the tablet. This creates an easy way to establish a digital connection in-store. You can acquire Facebook “Likes” right at the counter rather than relying on non-action based marketing materials.

Digital, seamless connection at the counter


Non-digital, unconnected sign on the window


2) Custom Facebook Tab

Belly provides a custom tab for your Facebook Page that features all of your one-of-a-kind rewards, showcasing your loyalty program online to new and existing customers.


3) Customer activity is posted to Facebook

Belly is continually encouraging members to connect their loyalty accounts with their Facebook accounts. That means we’re doing the heavy lifting in getting your business additional demographic data, and even the option for your customers to post their activity to their Facebook timeline. Every time a customer checks in or redeems a reward on your tablet, their network will know it!


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