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Capital City Cheesecake
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Capital City Cheesecake

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“I think as a business you’re constantly trying to attract new customers,” says owner of Capital City Cheesecake, Meaghan Murphy. Co-owners and sisters Meaghan and Caitlin realized there was a market for gourmet cheesecakes after experimenting with new flavors and selling them to restaurants and wholesalers. Six years ago, they decided to turn their passion into a business – serving lattes and slinging cheesecakes in all different flavors. 

Although the neighborhood cafe was wildly popular with the family-oriented crowd, the sisters knew their business had the potential to grow.

In October 2012, they were ready to replace their outdated paper punch cards with a more robust loyalty system. Enter Belly. 

“Most appealing was that Belly was very self sufficient. A lot of systems we had tried before took a lot of effort to setup and run ourselves. Customers are inquisitive about the program making it easier for us to grow our member base,” added Murphy.

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Since firing up Belly, Capital City Cheesecake has signed up over 3,338 customers and has accumulated over 49,218 visits. Most notably, customer visit frequency has increased by 15%. On average, Belly Members visit an additional 2.2 times per year – from 14.6 visits/year to 16.8 visits – driving additional revenue for the business.

Customer visit frequency has increased 15% since partnering with Belly.

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Belly Bites, a self-service customer acquisition tool that taps into Belly’s network of over 6 million Members lets merchants target new customers in their neighborhood who haven’t visited their business. Unlike other customer acquisition tools, Bites lets merchants track how many new customers visited their business for the first time and became repeat customers.

In September 2014, owners Caitlin and Meagan realized that by giving away a generous sample of their famous cheesecakes to new customers, they could grow even faster. Located in a bustling area where other Belly businesses are abundant, Capital City Cheesecake can promote their offer to over 123,000 Belly Members who have never visited their business. Aside from providing over 86,000 free advertising impressions across email, mobile and web, the sisters have acquired over 217 new customers – and counting!  In addition, the new customers acquired from Belly Bites have driven an additional 455 visits to the business.

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