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Blue Glass Café

Blue Glass Café

As Belly has grown, it’s been wonderful to learn all the different motivations our small businesses have for implementing a loyalty solution. In this month’s Merchant Spotlight, we caught up with Blue Glass Café to find out why they’ve chosen Belly and what goes into their rewards creation.

Type of Business: Café

Member Since: June 2012

What do you love most about your Belly loyalty program?

The Belly Loyalty program at the Blue Glass Café has brought together customers and offices to challenge themselves to get the most points and shoot for the 500 point reward! Our customers can get quite competitive so it is very fun to watch them get so excited for the rewards!

In this electronic-based society we live in, sometimes we lose the customer and they just become a number; but in the rewards we offer [through Belly], we are creating that personal connection to them and allowing them to become part of the café. In naming a sandwich, not only does the customer get to be part of Blue Glass Café for a week, we are also getting an idea of what the customer has a taste for.

What is your favorite feature?

Our favorite feature of the Belly Loyalty Program is being able to review our program’s activity and be able to make changes if necessary almost immediately.

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for other small businesses?

Choose your rewards wisely! Changing them on your loyal customers can really throw them for a loop!