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Belly's Top Experiential Loyalty Rewards
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Belly's Top Experiential Loyalty Rewards

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Belly’s Top Experiential Loyalty Rewards

Have you ever sampled every single flavor at your local ice cream parlor? Or shaved your barber’s beard just because you could? How about skipped the line at your coffee house for a week? Odds are the answer is no. But you would if you could, right? Belly Businesses are taking these one-of-a-kind experiences and turning them into experiential loyalty rewards that their customers can actually redeem. 

What are experiential rewards?

When designing the rewards for your loyalty program, it’s important to follow the old adage “variety is the spice of life.” It’s always a good a idea to have a diverse list of offerings for your customers. Low level rewards such as BOGO offers and free beverages are great because they satiate the ever-present desire of instant gratification. Free meals and larger items appeal to the “smart shopper” customers, who save up their points for a no-cost treat. Experiential rewards are one-of-a-kind creative rewards unique to your business that give your customers the opportunity to save up their points for an unforgettable experience.

Why should I care about experiential rewards? 

  • Give customers something to look forward to. First impressions are crucial when it comes to customer loyalty. If a customer sees an experiential reward you are offering and falls in love with it, they can “target” that reward from their Belly app. They’ll get reminders on how close they are to being able to redeem that reward, which keeps your business in the front of their mind.
  • Create a buzz for your business on Social Media. Let’s say that you own a sandwich shop and you’re offering an experiential reward where the customer gets to create a sandwich and have it featured on your menu board for a month. When a customer comes to redeem that reward, you’ll want to take pictures or videos to post on your social media accounts. By creating content that highlights an extremely positive customer experience, you’ll be able to both mold and uplift your brand reputation. It’s also likely that the customer who is redeeming the reward will post on social media, providing an impromptu, positive testimonial for your business.
  • Showcase your talent. Take the opportunity to highlight any sort of hidden talents that you or your employees have. Does your barista speak French? Teach your customers how to order that small coffee en Français. Is your wait staff comprised of aspiring actors? Have one of them perform a Shakespearean sonnet. Use your experiential rewards as a gateway to forging more personal relationships with your customers.
  • Save money. Remember, experiential rewards do not have to be associated with a dollar value! Something as simple as a week’s worth of “skip the line” cards for a quick service restaurant or coffee shop are extremely valuable to customers, but come at no cost to your business.

Belly’s Experiential Loyalty Rewards In Action 

  • Addeos Riverdale PizzaIn New York City, there’s a pizzeria that’s serving up delicious pies and calzones right alongside an outstanding experiential reward. Laurence, the owner at Addeo’s Riverdale Pizza in the Bronx, is offering customers the opportunity to “Learn How To Toss A Pizza Like The Pros!” when they save up 500 points. Laurence said that he wanted to create an experiential reward that customers could save up for. “We’re always interested in having something that would get customers back into the restaurant,” Laurence said. Offering an experiential reward is a great way to accomplish just that. The first time a customer redeemed that reward was an incredible experience for both the customer and the business. The customer, a lunchtime regular, saved up his points because his daughter really wanted to learn how to toss a pizza.The father and daughter duo spent about 2 hours with Laurence, perfecting the art of pizza and calzones, and even left with a bag of Addeo’s branded goodies. “She was thrilled,” Laurence gushed.

  • About 900 miles west of Addeo’s lies an adorably perfect cupcake shop in Milwaukee. For 300 points, Erica, the owner at Classy Girl Cupcakes, is letting customers “Indulge Your Inner Cake Artist – Design A Tiered Cake With Our Head Decorator To Display In Our Bakery, Named After You!” In May of this year, one lucky customer cashed in his points and spent an afternoon designing two cakes: one a caramel stout cake draped with a buttercream Norwegian flag, and the other a three-tiered display cake depicting a runner scaling a mountain. How cool is that?

Both Addeo’s Riverdale Pizza and Classy Girl Cupcakes have taken their loyalty programs to the next level by adding experiential rewards to their suite of offers. They’re able to connect with and excite customers through meaningful, fun rewards in addition to free items and discounts – and that is how the magic happens for a small business loyalty platform. 

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