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Belly On The Road: Part 1

Belly On The Road: Part 1

"If you don’t know already, my name is Rod LaFleur and I am the Director of Enterprise Operations at Belly. I am currently working on the East Coast rollout of the 7-Eleven expansion, primarily in Virginia. I have a BFA in Photography and am better at telling stories with photos than words so you’re going to see lots of pictures.

I actually flew into Newark and drove down to Fredericksburg for the first week or so then it was off to Hampton followed by, Harrisonburg, my favorite VA location so far.

To give you an idea of my method of getting around VA, here’s a photo of my office building. Please keep your Hamster jokes to yourself, me and the Kia have bonded and we’ve learned to take care of each other. This photo was taken after a Sunday afternoon waxing.

62554dd7c4aa42fae50ec91824e6d02a31a36267_hamster-car And here’s my cubicle:

7daa2740c8ee5414bd0fcc8f641944c6e47d9fe7_cubicle- But enough about my office, let’s talk more about what I do.

For as much fun as traveling around Virginia is and installing Belly at 5 to 7 7-Elevens a day, I’ve had to actually find ways to keep myself entertained (more about that later). But above everything, the views have been more than enjoyable.




My evenings are usually spent prepping for the next day, like doing inventory or trying to find the iPad that ISN’T activated. Some nights I even prep and watch the Blackhawks! Days are started with a breakfast and a quick workout. Then it’s time to load the car and get off to the first install. Most 7-Elevens are pretty similar but once in a while I’ll get an odd one. The location below was once a Pizza Hut!


Because I've installed so many 7-Elevens, I've learned quite a few tricks to expedite the process. Prepping the cables minimizes time spent behind the register and allows the cashier to get back to taking care of customers.


Needless to say, I've met a lot of 7-Eleven employees. I really do try and make them smile and most of the time I succeed.

William wasn’t happy before Belly.




I see more work in the future!