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8 Reasons to Email Your Customers

8 Reasons to Email Your Customers

Email marketing is the best way to engage with your customers after they’ve left your business. There are many reasons why small businesses should email their customers; the key is deciding which topics will provide the most value.

Here are some benefits of email marketing and what you can do to drive valuable results:

1. Increase Event Attendance

Whether it’s a one-time blow-out sale, a monthly open mic night, or a local event that your business has partnered with, email allows you to keep your customers in the know. A dedicated email gets the word out to all your loyal customers, and creates excitement around the event or sale. Since emails are so often forwarded on to friends, increasing word-of-mouth referrals and possible attendees is almost effortless.

Tip: Reference your city or neighborhood in the subject line as well as the date of the event in order to increase open rates.

2. Promote a New Item

Have you added a seasonal treat to your menu? Are you offering something new and exciting? One of the benefits of email marketing is that you can easily alert your customers about new items at your business. If it’s something you think will really hook them, a discount or a complimentary sample can further drive your customers through the door to give it a try. With Belly, you can add that free treat into their account and track which customers come in to redeem the offer.

Tip: Create a Belly Reward for the new item, alert your customers via email and track its redemption with Belly's closed-loop marketing tools.

3. Send a Welcome to New Customers

There are many benefits to engaging with every customer who enters your store. Sending out a friendly and personalized “Welcome” message gives new customers a great first impression and keeps your business top of mind.

Tip: Don’t waste time trying to automate this with a 3rd party email tool; let Belly automatically do this for you whenever a customer checks in at your business for the first time.

4. Say Thank You

A bit of thanks goes a long way. Make sure you’re taking the time to show appreciation for your customers. Emails promoting events like “Customer Appreciation Day” or offering a reward at no cost is a great way to say "Thank you for your loyalty!"

Tip: Try doing this once a month, to get your most valuable customers back in the door.

5. Establish Your Own “Happy Hour”

Every business has its slow periods. Offering an incentive to entice customers to visit during these periods can help increase sales. However, like any special, an incentive like this only works when your customers know about it. Email is a great way to let people know the benefits of coming in during off-peak hours and gets them excited to do so.

Tip: Get creative! With Belly you can offer Double Points on a specialty item during certain hours or days of the week to reward customers.

6. Ask for Feedback

Every business wants to know how they can improve their customer experience and in turn increase word of mouth promotion and sales. In order to do that, you need to know what your customers think. An email is a great way to reach out to these customers and ask them. Including a quick survey is a quick and easy way to get fast feedback on the issues or items you want to hear more about.

Tip: Send a follow-up email to those who shared feedback, with an offer that gets them back in to your business!

7. Increase Repeat Business

Do you ever wonder what happened to that friendly customer you chatted with a few months ago and haven’t seen since? Email is a great way to contact those mysterious customers and remind them of the great service you offer. Many brands send "We Miss You" emails to customers who haven't visited in a while and will give them credit towards their next purchase, too. A small business can re-engage customers with similar strategies. An email campaign targeted at customers who haven’t been in recently and offering an extra treat to come back in is a valuable tool in continuing to maintain your customer base and increase foot traffic.

Tip: Always include a sense of urgency for any special offers (read here!) to drive more customers in faster.

8. Align with Local Events

Local events not only benefit the community but the businesses surrounding it. Aligning unique promotions or events at your store with local events is a great way to take advantage of the increased foot traffic in your neighborhood. A dedicated email letting your customers know that you will be involved with the event or offering specials at the same time will remind customers to stop in.

Tip: Is the event supporting a local charity? A reward offering to donate on behalf of the customer is a great way to engage with your customers, prompt them to use Belly points and establish a positive buzz around your business.

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