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5 Most Popular Loyalty Apps for Customers
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5 Most Popular Loyalty Apps for Customers

Top five loyalty programs

All businesses want their customers to come back; after all, that’s how they make more money. So which loyalty apps are customers using nowadays and why do they used so much?

Here are the top 5:

5. United Airlines

United Airlines has one the best programs to keep their traveling customers loyal. They actually have two ways to join:

  • You can join and earn miles or points from airline tickets.
  • You can sign up for the credit card and earn miles from everyday purchases.

Something to note – There is an annual fee to use this credit card.

4. The GAP Inc

The biggest pro for The GAP’s credit card loyalty program is that there are three different stores where you can use it:  The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. There is also a tier system for how rewards are earned: shopping at the higher tier stores will get you rewards faster and vice versa; with an opportunity to earn a yearly upgrade packed with even more benefits! They also have a great app which can be downloaded keep track of the rewards you earned.

3. Walgreens

According to the 2015 Colloquy Census, drugstore memberships rose 88% in the past year, totaling in 268 million members! Walgreens – the leader of the pack in terms of best drugstore rewards programs, can probably take credit for a good amount of these members because of their great app.  You can use it to refill prescriptions, print photos, and look up coupons to use in store. They even have the ability to add your contact information to be able to look up your account in the event that you forget your card or phone at home. The best feature of the app is the ability to pick out your items, and check out before you even set foot in the store! This is especially handy when you’re in a hurry – you can just grab your pre-packed purchases and go.

2. Belly

With Belly the greatest benefit is the ability to custom tailor the rewards that each business offers their loyal customers. From bakeries and cafes to car maintenance shops – it is easy to design their loyalty program for any type of business and to offer rewards that create a unique and personal in-store experience for their customers. The benefit for Belly Members is they get to use one card or app for multiple locations to earn points for the business rewards. No more carrying or finding multiple punch cards or what have you. Plus it’s free to members and encourages them to shop local. Belly currently works with over 12,000 businesses with a network of over 6 million members in the US and Canada.

1.  Starbucks

The Starbucks app has proven to be a huge success in terms of the engagement and growth of it’s member base. You can sign up by downloading the app and registering either a gift card or your credit card. The rewards system is pretty simple: you get a star every time you make a purchase. Once you get to five stars you are awarded a green level, where you can get free refills on coffee and tea. After thirty stars are earned, you are awarded the gold level. This is where the fun really begins – gold members are sent a gold gift card personalized with their name. Having Gold status gets you free drinks on your birthday and each time you earn 12 stars.

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