Rewards at The Bagel & Bread House

? Belly Points
  • 25
    Put Some Pep Into Your Step- Get A 12 Oz Coffee
  • 25
    Butter Me Up! Enjoy A Buttered Bagel
  • 25
    Life Essential Ingredient- Have A Bottle Of Water
  • 35
    This Is Eggs-cellent! Get A Egg And Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  • 35
    Drink Up- Get A 20 Oz Drink On The House
  • 50
    Eat Up! Get A Bagel Breakfast Sandwich And Pick Your Meat
  • 75
    We Go Together- Like A Combo! Enjoy A Breakfast Sandwich And A Coffee Or Juice!
  • 100
    You Get Special Treatment- Get A Free Lunch Special - Sandwich, Pickle, Chips, Cookie And A Drink!